Little Danube

The founder Katrina, was born in Bulgaria during a communist time and left with her parents when she was 1 year’s old. She lived in Barcelona for 2 years and later moved to France where she stayed until finishing her degree of philosophy before moving to the UK.

Katrina spent many years the corporate world studying accountancy and embracing the business challenges and learning along the way. However, she realised very early in her career that creativity was a unique skill and was something she should be developing further. Whilst training at one of the top soap schools, Katrina came across the “Sublimation” factor, when studying chemistry and found the relevance close to her time in philosophy and its concept.

Sublimation talks about how we go through life carrying and amassing worries, anxiety, stress without never really letting it go. She finally decided to unravel her creative process and use the sublimation concept to turn any accumulated stress or worries onto an object of art. Little Danube soaps are about Katrina’s journey, from the east to the west of Europe and each soap bar carries a beautiful scent which resonates with a memory and a place.