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introducing our "HAPPINESS" candles
Bring yourself back to your happy place with this mood lifting scent.
Equally fresh, outdoorsy and ripe, our 'Happiness' blend evokes the joy of gathering juicy blackberries from country hedgerows, eat-one-pick-one style.. mixed in with the scent of fresh damask roses, freshly plucked from a wild summer garden in full bloom.
The scent of the leaves of the blackberry bush intermingle with the delicate blooms, introducing green and sharp accents...delicious.
our candles come in three sizes:
160g (approximately 35 hour's burn time)
220g (approximately 45 hour's burn time) 
280g (approximately 55 hours' burn time)

*Lids Sold Separately

Hand poured in our sunny North London studio, 
Soy wax from renewable source, 
No animal testing