Ruched Headband; Lilac Watercolour

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Printed Ruched Headband | Hand Made in The UK.

Handmade by Helen, Jess and Ellie from regenesis satin (recycled polyester) which has the feel of heavy silk. This product is friction reducing and gentle on any hair type. 


- 38cm in curvature length 
- 13cm in height and have a stretch range 3cm-23cm. 

All of our products are hand made which means they may not be exactly the same as others, or may contain little quirks. 

"We Made This Studio is an environmentally conscious print studio specialising in handcrafted accessories. Our aim is to inspire a more sustainable and creative mindset, so all of our products and prints are designed and handmade by us in the UK. We Made This Studio was born from our shared love of luxurious, unique and colourful accessories underpinned by our own dedication to the environment."