Smart-phone Photography

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SMART-PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY Saturday 15th October 2022
10.30am - 1.00pm

New Shoots Photography Training was created by Liz Devonshire along with business partner, Nathalie Crouch, and together they run photography DSLR, Smartphone and now Photo-Gram workshops. They are both  professional photographers with many years of experience and enjoy sharing their technical and creative skills within small groups, who are interested in improving their photography.  

The most important element for anyone wanting to take better photographs is knowing and trusting your equipment and the same is true of a smartphone and knowing what it can do. If you want to learn how to get more out of your smartphone camera, discover its potential and learn the fundamentals of photography; this is the workshop for you. We will help you take more control of the technical aspects of your smartphone camera so you can be in control of the creative side, giving you more confidence to take the pictures that you want, the way you want!

We are professional photographers who want to share our knowledge in a small friendly group. We will teach you the basics both technical and compositional so that you leave feeling confident and inspired.

This is an outdoor, fully practical workshop, taking photos around Enfield Town, where you will be shown different techniques and can practice your new skills, learning to achieve the following:
  • We will start by going through a few basics with our camera phones.
  • Tips on focusing and exposure
  • Composition, using perspective
  • Dealing with converging verticals
  • Finding the right background for your shots
  • How to compose a great shot –using the rules and breaking them
  • How to be creative with Depth of Field
  • How to take control of natural light
  • How to Edit your shots to enhance them

    Level: No experience necessary

    To Bring:
    Your smartphone; fully charged
    A fully charged portable charger if you have one
    Comfortable shoes